Just in time for June 17th
It’s Father’s Day at AquaSports

20% discount Storewide!

Come and see our latest collection of knives and underwater lights, rods & reels, tackle boxes, fishing shirts and a whole lot more!

Offer applies to both stores
Discount is cash only

Sperry shoes - a must for boaters;
Binoculars - get a better view of things;
Identity sunglasses - Protect your eyes from the sun;
Mares: Mask & Snorkel combos for Adults & Kids;
Henry's: Fishing supplies - everything for your boat;
MSP: - Dry bags & cases - protect your valuables; Underwater cameras, Dive knives & gloves, snorkelling bags, and lots more.


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We have everything you need to have a fun and safe day on the beach when in Antigua

Sunscreens:  Avoid the sun’s harmful rays by using the correct SPF on your skin. Those with lighter skins should go for a higher factor (SPF 30 – 45). We carry a large range of sun protection creams from Caribbean Breeze. Please be sure to reapply your lotion 20 minutes before exposure to sun and at regular intervals throughout the day especially after time in water.

Seating & Umbrellas:  While you are on the beach, sit in one of our comfortable, lightweight beach chairs and hoist a large umbrella for extra protection. Eye Protection: Protect your eyes from the glare with polarised sunglasses from Identity & Costa Del Mar. (Coming soon sunglasses from Bolle!)

Beach Toys & Floatables: Our extensive range of ‘toys’ include products for toddlers, teenagers and adults. Bucket & Spade, shovels, paddle and badminton sets, body boards, wakeboards and towables - You will definitely find everything you need to keep the kids and yourself entertained.

Waterproof Cameras: If you are planning to snorkel or dive these cameras will record the beauty of our marine life. Available for depths between 25-100ft.

First Aid Kits: For minor medical emergencies, it makes sense to have a first aid kit handy especially with kids!